Though Kanady Chiropractic has always possessed in-house X-Ray capabilities, we have recently upgraded our hardware and can now capture digital images. With this upgrade, our doctors can analyze your images in high-definition, allowing for even more precise diagnoses and treatment. Furthermore, the digital format allows for ease in viewing, transferring, and storing.

Digital X-Ray Frequently Asked Questions

X-Ray Imaging is a vital part of the treatment process.  Though it is not necessarily a treatment modality like Chiropractic or IDD Therapy, our doctors depends upon our state-of-the-art X-Ray Imaging to clearly understand the intricacies of your body so that he can treat effectively.
X-Ray is completely pain free. Our new state-of-the-art digital X-Ray Imaging machine allows for a quick and convenient imaging process. Patients can expect to have their images taken expeditiously in a spacious room, not in a confined tube.
With our new digital X-Ray machine, our doctors can usually capture images in less than 10 minutes. This time may vary depending on the type of X-Ray completed.
Some of your X-Ray Images may require specific clothing requirements.  We have ample changes of clothes for your needs, or you may ask before your appointment about bringing your own.
Every question is important to us.  We will always take the time necessary to make sure every concern you have is answered. Call the office at (907) 272-2700 or send your inquiry in via the form on our Contact Us page.

Digital X-Ray Image Gallery