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A Fresh Look for Kanady Chiropractic

We opened Kanady Chiropractic in 1988. We did a complete remodel of our space. We added treatment rooms and painted. We basically did everything we could “afford.” We were so young, with a new baby and living in Lynn’s parent’s basement. We took our 2,000 sq. feet and made the absolute best of it we could.

Sixteen years ago, we did a remodel. We knocked out a wall and added another 1,000 sq. feet. We painted, changed out the carpet and starting buying more equipment. Over the years, we have continued to buy equipment and make updates. We have always had the philosophy that we wanted to be the absolute best we could be. Whether it was having the best staff or keeping up with the times and having the most state of the art treatment options available.

This year has felt like we took the concept of remodeling to another level. We have been working on so many changes to keep as current and relevant as possible. We decided it was time to revamp almost every area of our health care office. It has taken just over a year but as they laid the final piece of carpet today, we both took a deep breath of relief. We still have so much to do but the majority of the work is done. The vision is all coming together, and we LOVE it!

We started with hiring a new photographer to update our photos. We didn’t want the same old boring office photos. So, we took to the street by Chilkoot Charlies and did our staff and individual photos there. We were so happy with the result. We have beautiful pictures of our amazing staff with the Alaska mountains behind us. Then we found a treasure when we stumbled upon a wall that is on the back side of Chilkoots. It made for visually appealing and unusual looking photos. Plus, we had a blast taking them.

Our next big obstacle was updating our “look.” So, we decided to re-do our logo and website. We wanted a fresh new look without compromising what we feel is our homey, comfortable and kind atmosphere at Kanady Chiropractic. Our result was well worth the amount of time we dedicated to this project. We are so proud of how it all has come together.

Finally, we made some major decisions. We bit the bullet and bought the best digital x-ray system available. It was well worth the money. The images are AMAZING. We bought 50 inch monitors for two of the treatment rooms. We can use these for teaching exercise that is essential for home use as well as show our patients their x-rays or MRI. In addition, we purchased a program called PostureRay which allows Dr. Kanady to analyze x-rays digitally. We then can show our patients their x-ray with the curves marked in red of where they are and green of where they should be. With this we are able to show them what they can do at home to be able to take care of themselves. We also bought rehab equipment for in office use that will help our patients get the curves needed to lead healthy lifestyles.

Our final push was to repaint and carpet all 3,000 sq. feet. That was no small job! It took us months of painting samples of grays and tans on the walls, looking for the perfect, warm color that is inviting and comfortable. And because the carpet will be with us for many, many more years and the cost involved in re-carpeting, we took our time finding what we feel is the absolute most perfect carpet tiles we could find. We finished the carpet on Sunday night at 8pm and just stood and looked at the end result.

The bottom line? WE ARE HAPPY! We really hope you are too. Our goal is 100% to surround our patients in an atmosphere of the upmost of professionalism but in a relaxing, caring and genuine way.

We are very grateful to our patients for the past 28 years and are excited about what the future holds. And because Dr. Kanady is so absolutely passionate about what he does, and Lynn is so proud of what we have accomplished, we will be doing this for many, many more years.

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