Kanady Chiropractic understands Alaskans are naturally adventurous and competitive. Whether preparing you for peak performance or helping to rehab from injury, we’ve got a team of Chiropractors in Anchorage who can quickly get you back on that field, court, ice, track or trail.

We set athletes up for success by developing personalized treatment plans that utilize our in-office Chiropractic capabilities, along with at-home programs designed to enhance recovery while avoiding further injury.

Inside our Chiropractic office in Anchorage, we offer some of the most advanced rehab technology in the nation:

  • Class IV Laser – Used by most professional sports teams. Helps reduce pain and inflammation, especially for knee and ankle sprains, muscular strains, shin splints and other forms of joint inflammation.
  • Power Plate – First created to help astronauts returning from space recondition and strengthen their muscles after being in zero gravity.
  • Accu-SPINA machine – Relieves pressure on your spinal discs which helps restore mobility and diminish pain. It’s perfect if you’re rehabbing a back or neck injury or herniated discs.

We’ve also got a team of massage therapists to work on the specific areas that need the most attention.

Using our Chiropractic knowledge, experience and high-tech tools of the trade, we can pave your path to recovery and enhance your overall performance.